Why LED?

LED Benefits

Incandescent bulbs are disappearing from the marketplace, leaving fluorescents as the primary option in most people’s minds. In commercial and industrial environments, metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting have also been the standard for many years. The reality is that LED lighting has reached a point of maturity and has become a proven replacement for all of these traditional lighting options.

  • LEDs do not contain mercury or any other type of toxic heavy metals.
  • Ballasts are not required to power LEDs – say goodbye to annoying ballast hum!
  • LEDs last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, or about 25X longer than any other light source. In many situations, you won’t have to change LED lights until 10 years after install.
  • On average, LEDs are 65% to 80% more efficient than traditional light bulbs, which translates into significant savings in your electrical bills.
  • LEDs are not sensitive to extreme temperature environments – you will always have Instant On and Instant Off. Say goodbye to flickering bulbs and long warm-up times.
  • LED lighting runs much cooler than traditional lights.
  • Fluorescent lights don’t tolerate frequent switching – a high volume of on and off cycles can dramatically decrease the lifespan of the lamps. No such problem exists with LEDs.
  • Most fluorescents cannot be dimmed. There are many dimming options available for LED lighting.

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