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The simple fact is this - almost every organization can see significant benefits from upgrading their facilities to LED lighting. The technology has reached a point of maturity, and is fully ready to replace the traditional methods of commercial and industrial lighting. LEDs provide an extremely high quality of light, and can improve visibility, site security, employee productivity, and enhance the overall attractiveness of your facility - inside and out. LED lighting also provides substantial savings which comes from reduced electricity, lighting maintenance, and replacement costs.


LED Lighting Installation Process

For most facilities, our LED lighting retrofits generally take less than 2 months to complete once a client approves a project proposal. Our team moves swiftly to ensure that your installation is started within 6-8 weeks after your lighting contract is finalized. You will notice immediate energy savings once your LEDs are installed.

Lighting Analysis Explained

An NCLED Lighting Specialist will visit your facility to conduct a walkthrough of your facility - we call this a Lighting Analysis. During this initial visit, we will inspect your existing lighting system and make a detailed record of your specific lighting requirements. After we conduct an analysis of your past utility bills and review the data we collect from the walkthrough, we estimate your current electricity use and savings potential. We provide the Lighting Analysis and resulting final proposal free of charge.

Our next step will be to meet with you to review the lighting design options contained in the proposal. During this meeting, we will explain to you the LED lighting options that are available, and show how much you can expect to save in utility bills and maintenance costs by switching to LED.


Professional Installation

Here at NCLED, we don't just sell state of the art LED lighting, we also perform installs for a majority of our clients. Our team has completed a number of large commercial and industrial-grade jobs, so you can rest assured we have the experience to get the job done right.

All of our installers are licensed, bonded and insured. You can be confident when hiring our team that you’re dealing with reputable, responsible and reliable electrical professionals. Our installers stand behind their work. We do our best to do it right the first time to avoid irritating callbacks.


Ballast & Lamp Recycling

Why Recycle Lamps and Ballasts?

The process of an LED retrofit project will involve the removal of fluorescent lamps and the ballasts that regulate them. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, which constitutes a significant environmental hazard. Lamps containing mercury include the following:

  • Fluorescent
  • Compact fluorescent
  • Mercury vapor
  • Metal halide
  • High-pressure sodium
  • Neon
  • Arc

There are many ballasts still in use that contain hazardous materials as well. The two materials of concern are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP.) These are liquids, and ballasts that contain them are known as "wet ballasts" which are considered regulated waste and should be recycled.

Under the Universal Waste rule instituted by the EPA, companies are required to dispose of and recycle their lighting properly. When you have your LED lighting installed by NCLED, you can rest assured that we will handle the proper disposal of lamps and ballasts for you. Our recycling services take the liability away from our clients, and allow old lights to be repurposed properly for new uses.

Rebates & Incentives

Rebates Explained

Because LED lighting presents a dramatic savings in energy usage in most situations and is much safer for the environment, many states offer significant rebate incentives for homes and businesses performing LED upgrades. In our home state of Wisconsin, NCLED is an official Trade Ally with Focus On Energy, which has partnered with utility companies throughout the state. We are also a fully ICC certified, registered Trade Ally with ComEd in the state of Illinois. When you hire us for a lighting project, we will identify the rebates you’re eligible for and handle all the paperwork required to file your rebate claims.


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