Lighting as a Service

Lighting as a Service: This no cost retrofit program provides you with a true No Capital investment opportunity to convert your facility over to LED.

When we work with you, our LED Lighting Specialists will explain the impact of paying for your lighting upgrade upfront versus enrolling in a lighting as a service plan. As part of our analysis and proposal process, we will provide you with comparisons of your ROI, payback period, and long-term savings. NCLED is dedicated to helping you make a properly informed financial decision.

  • No Capital Investment – we pay for the conversion with zero client investment and zero risk!
  • No Personal/Corporate Guarantees Required – since there is no loan or lease, no personal or corporate guarantee is required. There is a simple one-page application. For Projects larger than $150,000.00, the last two years of financials would be required.
  • Cash Flow Positive DAY 1! – Our clients keep all of the energy savings after the monthly service fee is paid.
  • Guaranteed Savings – if the savings are not equal to or more than what we proposed, we will offset the difference to ensure the proposed savings.
  • Warranty Period – Our products have a minimum 7 year warranty, covering the term of the agreement. There is zero risk to you, the customer.

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