5 Fast Fast Fact About LED Lighting

Apr 12, 2018

1. Kelvin

Kelvin (K), measures not only heat but the colour temperature of a light. Bulbs that emit a warm yellow light measure about 2700 K, whereas neutral white light measures about 4000 K, bluish white light measures 5000 K, and daylight is about 6000 K.

2. Watt  

LED light fixtures don’t require a high-carrying watt capacity. They can produce an equal or greater amount of light (when compared to a CFL or fluorescent bulb) with much lower wattage.

Tip: If you are retrofitting an existing fixture to an LED, you may still be able to use your older fixture, however you will find that there are no net energy saving gains.

3. Lumen

Lumen is the standard of measurement for light production. Kelvin tells you the colour, Lumens tell you the amount of light delivered by the fixture.. Just like with incandescent bulbs, the higher the number, the brighter the light. For example, a 1600 lumen LED light produces the same amount of light as a 100 W incandescent bulb, and a 450 lumen LED light produces the same amount of light as a 40 W incandescent bulb.

4. High-Efficiency

LED lights are incredibly energy efficient. In a time when electricity costs continue to rise, LED lighting is a terrific solution that will save you money. A GO Lighting LED light fixture can last 100,000+ hours, which means that it can pay for itself usually in less than 2 years. That’s a huge difference in the amount of energy you’re using which will result in a boost to your bottom line.

5. Flexibility

LED lighting fixtures offer many kinds of lighting solutions that can be mounted in many environments. LEDs can be used indoors, outdoors, with dimmers, to showcase products with directional lighting, as pendants for focused lighting, flush in a ceiling or wall, troffer, and many more.


LED can be installed in your facility for no cost to you. We will purchase and install the lights and the monthly energy savings will pay for the equipment lease monthly payment with money to spare. With the fixtures having a 10 year warranty and the typical lease lasting 5 to 6 years there is no risk to your business. 
New and better lighting, no maintenance, no budget line item necessary!
Call or e-mail us today for a free analysis of you lighting indoor and oudoor! 

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