Unique Office Lighting Options

Sep 7, 2016

Most offices install a few lamps and overhead lights and call it a day. However, not all office buildings are the same, and some require slight variations to give their employees adequate lighting. In addition to installing energy efficient LED lights throughout your business, there are other ways you can enhance the lights to increase productivity and make everybody happy.

Individual Controls

Consistent lights throughout a company building are fine, but everyone needs different levels. Someone in his or her 20s might be fine working with dimmer lights while an older individual would prefer having his or her own desk lamp. Giving each desk its own lamp is a great way to allow people to control how much light they get when they are performing a given task.

Preventing Too Much Light

Having an excessive amount of lighting in a building not only wastes electricity. It is also capable of causing significant eye strain on your workers. It is recommended that for office spaces, there should only be 20 lumens of light for each square foot. Unfortunately, many fixtures display much more than that, some of which go upwards of 50 lumens.

Installing Dimmer Switches

For conference rooms and other communal spaces, you should really look into installing some dimmer switches. These allow you to adjust how bright the overhead lights are. If the light bulbs are not consistently working at maximum capacity, then they are using less energy and will last longer. Even dimmed lights are able to provide sufficient vision, and your employees can always use lamps and other forms of task lighting should an assignment call for it.

Give Your Employees Some Control

Everyone likes knowing that they have at least some say at their organization. If you forbid anyone from messing with the lights, then you are likely only going to create a certain amount of employee dissatisfaction. You do not want to come across as a control freak, so it can be beneficial to allow other people to alter the lights if they need to see well. Studies have been done where people were given a placebo switch, and even though it had no actual effect on the lights, people still felt more satisfied.

These lighting options might not be what every other business is doing, but you want to stand apart from the competition and show that you truly care about your employees’ eye health. Installing LED lights in an office is a great way to improve the amount of light you get and save on your electric bills. Give us a call at 1-920-655-2468 to review your LED options.

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