The Basics of LED Restaurant Lighting

Nov 29, 2016

Do you manage a bright diner that wakes customers up in the morning? Or a fine restaurant that gives the relaxing glow reminiscent of candlelight? To set the right ambiance, restaurant lighting is as essential as the type of furniture you choose.

Consider balance, aesthetics and energy savings. LED lighting is the popular choice for establishments ready to upgrade or redesign. Because of its long lifespan and overall return on investment, LED is the way to go when you are ready to upgrade the mood of your restaurant lighting.

What to Aim for in Restaurant Lighting

Ambient light is the light that illuminates the entire space. It should be adjustable so it can be changed from day to night. The best lighting has controls. Be sure that the ambient light doesn’t create a glare from fixtures, and avoid too much wasted light in corners.

Accents and featured lighting help you focus on emphasizing products. Lighting should guide the eye and give a pleasant, attractive glow. Yellow lighting can make food look less appealing. The true white, more natural glow of LEDs assists in food presentation. LED lights are versatile and cost-effective. LED lights also resist glare and promote balance.

Making the Switch to LED Restaurant Lighting

LED lights may have a higher initial price tag, but they save money in the long run because they last longer and use up less electricity. If you are running a busy restaurant, chances are you do not want to spend valuable time checking and changing lightbulbs, and LED lights are low maintenance with a lifespan of up to 25x longer than traditional lights. In addition, many restaurants have to meet certain energy standards depending on the region, and LED lights will help you save energy. Your lighting design depends on high-quality materials, and LED lights are efficient, long-lasting and enhance the decor of your restaurant. Look for a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of LED lights for your establishment. Discuss your options with a professional from NCLED and together let’s see your restaurant in a new light.

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