Benefits of LED Beyond Energy Efficiency

Feb 14, 2017

LED lights are most often associated with increased energy efficiency. They use far less power than their incandescent counterparts, which results in great savings for you in future electric bills. However, there are plenty of additional LED advantages to be gained. Why LED? Read on to see why this investment just makes sense.

Smart Lighting Options

With LED, you have a wide array of options to decide upon with how you want your system set up. You can get your new lighting to come with motion sensors, allowing the lights to remain off until someone walks by requiring sight. There are also lights that can be enabled with Bluetooth technology, so you can control lights from any room in the building.

Better Optic Control

LED lighting can do so much more than just provide light to a single room in one spot. LED tape is available, so you can string lights across a room, providing a more even spread of lighting. Additionally, you can get lighting that allows you to control the beam angles to be in any position you want. Therefore, if you want an emphasis to be placed on something in a room, you can adjust accordingly.

Addition of Color

Color lighting is nothing new. However, LED has the ability to provide saturation to the color that you simply cannot get with other types of lights. If you want to provide a dramatic effect around your company, then LED lights are the way to go. Beyond colored lights, typical LED lighting provides a brighter, whiter illumination that appears more natural than incandescents.

Potential Effects on Health

While more research needs to be done, there is evidence to suggest that LED lighting has a positive effect on people’s health. Work lighting can be extremely detrimental to people’s well-being, particularly the variety that can suppress your melatonin levels.

There are more ways than one to benefit from LED lighting, and you will benefit from it for years to come. Contact NCLED at 920-455-8338 to learn more about why LED lighting is a superior option.

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